How to make your company irresistible to the customer

January 13th, 2014 | Chandler Zieg | Painting Business Articles | 3 Comments

Ok, so you’ve called the painting lead right when you received it, reached the customer, and set up an in-person appointment to bid their painting project. Your foot is now in the door. Now, you just have to win the job in person. Here are some ACTUAL techniques used to win the job by some of our top-earning painting contractors nation-wide:

1.) Have Beautiful References

People buy painting services for many reasons, but a HUGE kick-start to winning them over is showing crisp, beautiful pictures of work your company has already done. People immediately become more engaged and emotionally excited when they see what their house is about to look like. Always have past customer references on hand. It seems obvious because it is. Don’t miss out on this easy, powerful way of selling yourself and your company to the customer.

2.) Offer a Deal

Again, this seems obvious, but many painters don’t offer any sort of discount or extra incentive for booking NOW. People want to feel like they’re getting a deal, no matter what actual number you present them. No one wants to pay full price. Always offer a deal/discount/promotion with your proposal.

3.) Point out on the house where and why they need paint.

Some of our most profitable painting companies like to walk around the house with the customer, actively showing and pointing out failed areas on the home (peeling trim, chalked siding, wood-rot, split caulking seems). Then, they offer their specific solution to the failed area and summarize how the customer will benefit from that solution (Sales 101). People buy when they need a service, and are losing value in their home by fore-going the service.

4.) Offer everything in clear writing.

Customers get a warm fuzzy feeling when they know everything is written out and specific to their project. Don’t use a stock contract/proposal. People want to know your bid is customized and specific to their home. Moreover, make your process and benefits clear within the proposal.

5.) Do what you say

A couple bad apples spoiled the contractor image forever. The word “contractor” itself has a stigma attached. It has become synonymous with tardiness, sloppy-work, and manipulative pricing. This is because at any given time, a couple bad contractor apples are ruining it for the rest of us. These contractors are not doing what they say to the customer. Doing what you say is not just a painting company best practice, but a best practice in life. Always do what you say.

Our highest earners do everything above in one form another. You should do the same. Thanks for reading!

-Painter Choice Team

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