Michael Ho Five Star Painting
"These are actual leads from customers that are ready to do some painting and NOT just window shopping. The guys at PainterChoice.com are really easy to work with and very personable. I really enjoy having a great relationship with this company."

Why Painter Choice?

  • Set up 7-8 estimates for every 10 leads
  • Great customer service and fair refunds
  • Leads that you can reach
  • We do what we say
  • Independently owned with 16 years of experience owning painting companies

How Does It Work?

1. Customers use our websites to request painting estimates from local painting contractors for their project.

2. When they submit their project, we text message and email you their information:

3. From there, you treat it as any other painting lead or referral you get. We recommend you contact the customer as quickly as possible to set an appointment.

4. We start you with a lead package of 7-30 new leads and then it’s pay as you go afterwards.

  • Choose where you want to receive leads.
  • Receive up to 15-100 referrals per month.
  • Set your own budget.
  • Pause your leads anytime.
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.


How many leads do you get in my area?
15-100 depending on your closest city.

How well does this program work?
If you are in a position to call new customers quickly, our program works quite well. It is really important that you have a professional sales process to convert the leads into jobs. If you do, our program works great.

What if I get a bad lead?
If it’s a wrong/bad/disconnected phone number or if it’s not a painting project, like a mural or basketball court, we’ll refund those leads right away. We will also refund any duplicate leads or leads that are out of your area.