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4.7 out of 5 on Facebook

"Painter Choice has been the greatest investment for my business. I would go no other place for job leads."

Efrain Garcia, New Jersey

"They helped me start my business from the ground up. High quality leads and great customer service."

Corey Gardner, Connecticut

"I wish I'd heard of them years ago."

Kevin McCoin, California

We Only Do Painting

Get 15-80 new painting leads a month from our network (depending on your area).

Our websites get thousands of visitors a month from homeowners needing house painters.

Get access to these job leads!

How it Works

You only pay when you recieve a valid lead larger than 1 room. New leads are texted and emailed to you in real-time. No old leads, ever.

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We Are Not HomeAdvisor

Maybe you've sworn off lead providers because:

You get bogus leads

You have to fight for refunds

You get unexpected charges

The leads never answer when you call

You just want real leads for your business that you can profit from.

We ONLY Work With Painters

We've been in the house painting industry for 15 years. We understand how painting companies work and how to get good leads.

No Contracts. Only Pay if it's Working.

No contracts or long-term obligations. You only continue paying if it's working.

If you're not happy with our service you can cancel anytime.

If we don't get you good leads, we lose your business. It's that simple.

Need More Painting Work?

Start getting new job requests in your area.

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Get People ACTUALLY Painting

Providing an estimate takes time, gas, and money.

Get customer leads that are SERIOUS about painting. Not just window-shoppers.

We call it need-based advertising. We target people "needing a painter," not just looking for a ballpark price.

Choose Your Own Area

Want to target specific areas for your business?

Choose an area that benefits you. You will only recieve leads from YOUR service area.

Pay as You Go

After purchasing a leads package, you can pay as you go.

  1. Set a budget and pay what you want.
  2. Don't need leads right now? Pause your account as needed.
  3. Only pay when you recieve new leads.

Manage Your Leads Like a Pro

Get your own lead tracking dashboard

  • Track your ROI
  • Follow-up with old clients
  • Manage your budget
  • Request lead credits
  • Pause or activate your account

Join 3,500 Painting Contractors and Get More Painting Jobs Today

Start getting new job requests in your area.

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Our Story

We've been painting contractors in Colorado for 15 years. We understand what it takes to run a successful painting business.

We also know how hard it is to find a good lead provider, so we started our own. We only provide painting leads to contractors needing more paint jobs. That's it.

We wanted reliable, solid leads for our own companies. After developing a profitable system for ourselves, we started selling our leads to contractors in other cities.

We generate leads the EXACT same way for our own companies. We use our own experience to generate the best leads for our clients.

7 years later, we are the only and largest provider exclusively for painting contractors.

Join 3,500 Painting Contractors and Get More Painting Jobs Today

Start getting new job requests in your area.

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(866) 389-2854