How to Name Your Painting Company

April 3rd, 2017 | Chandler Zieg | Uncategorized | 36 Comments

Painting Company Name Guide

After working with over 4,500 painters in our community, we have seen every painting company name imaginable.

Business owners often name their painting company based on these themes:

  • Memorable/Unique Names
  • Emphasis on Quality Names
  • Owner-Named Companies
  • Locally-Generated Names
  • Powerful Names
  • Friendly Names
  • Funny Names
  • Money-Saving Names

(These are actual painting company names)

Memorable/Unique Painting Company Names:

Men in Pink Painters
Crash of Rhinos Painting
Picasso Painting & Pressure Washing
DaVinci and Sons
Blue Fox
Happy Dog Painting
The Italian Job Painting
Paint Chimp 1 Day Painters
If Walls Could Talk
American Veteran Painting

Pro: The customer will probably remember your name if more work is needed.
Con: Sometimes names like these can look unprofessional.

Emphasis on Quality Painting Company Names:

Sharp Lines Painting
Fantastic Finishes Paint Company
The Precise Painter
The Master’s Touch
New Appearance Painting
Straight Line Painting
Wow Factor Painting
Fresh Effects Painting
Quality First Home Improvements
Flawless Finish Painting

Pro: These names create a sense of quality/pride in your work.
Con: They can set a customer’s expectations too high, especially if your paint lines are not perfectly straight.

Owner-Named Companies:

Jim the Painter
Saul’s Custom Painting
Guillermo’s Paint Co
Greg’s Painting Service
Cruz Painting
Feldstein Painting
Smith and Son Painters
Bob’s Painting
Evans Brothers Painting
Glenn and his Paint Brush

Pro: An owner-named company can seem very personal and trustworthy.
Con: The homeowner is probably expecting you (the owner) to do EVERYTHING
– which includes the production and customer-service side. What if someone other than Greg from Greg’s painting service shows up to paint?

Locally-Generated Names:

Michigan Pure Painting
Hoosier Painting
Big Tex Painting
San Diego Paint Pros
Nashville Paint Company
New England Painting
Georgia Peach Painting
High Altitude Painting
Twin Cities Painting
Rocky Mountain Painters

Pro: In our experience, customers prefer to work with someone local.
Con: Sometimes you’ll lose business to a customer more than an hour away because you’re no longer “local”. Even though you’re fully capable of servicing that area.

Powerful Names:

Powerhouse Green Painting
Pro-Shield Painters
Power Painters Pro
Solid Build Construction
Titan Painting
Mighty Brothers Painting
Armor Tech Painting
Sun Proof Systems
Peel-Proof Painters
Hammer Stone Painters

Pro: These names convey an image of durability.
Con: Sometimes they sound TOO intense, and might set bad expectations with the actual longevity of a paint job.

Friendly Names:

Neighborly Painters
Friends Painting Enterprises
Family Man Painting
Paint Pals
Proficient Painters
Painters Helping People
All Care Painting
Dad’s Painting Service
Your Contractor
Go Sunny Painting

Pro: These names seem friendly and “neighborly” instilling a sense of trust.
Con: No cons, we find these names work well.

Funny Names:

Schlepp’s Painting
On Fire Painting
Outside the Lines Painting
2 Hands Painting
Male and Female Painting Team
Painted Into a Corner
Butt 2 Butt Painting
Mario and Luigi’s Painting
White Tank Top Painters
Divas and Gents Painting

Pro: These names are very memorable. You can create a lasting impression with a funny name.
Con: They can seem unprofessional and unserious.

Money-Saving Names:

Affordable Painters
Paint for Less
Budget Painting
Professional Painters for Less
Best Value Painting
Get it Painted for Less
Cheaper Painting
Lowest Bid Painters
Best Priced Painting Company
Economical Painting Co

Pro: Everyone likes to save money. You will get more inquiries with an “affordable” name.
Con: You’re setting bad expectations with your pricing. You will attract low-ballers.

How to Name Your Painting Company – Best Practices

As Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Or in other words; what’s in a name?

You cannot fully represent your company with a name, but a good name can help. After working with 4,500 companies, we recommend combining these themes (in order of importance):
Local – Customers like working with someone local.
Quality – People hire painters who take pride in their work.
Friendly – People only work with people they trust.
Memorable – This will help you get more referrals.

Avoid These Name Types:
Funny – Ya they’re funny, but they sound unprofessional.
Affordable – You’ll have a tough time making a profit if you’re always the cheapest price.

What process did you use to name your painting company? Share with us below!

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