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How It Works

Homeowners find us online through Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and request an estimate through our site. We target and screen high-income customers who ACTUALLY need to paint.

You receive the following info so you can call and set up an estimate:

Their Name



Project Timeline

Painting Description

Don’t wait for your phone to ring, get real customers sent directly to you.

Why Choose Us?

Get customers who are ready-to-paint, not just price-shoppers.

Estimate requests are sent conveniently to your phone and email.

We target large, profitable painting jobs so you can actually make money.

Only get jobs where you want them, when you want them.

No Contracts - You only pay if it works.

We can get you 2-5 MORE painting jobs per month.

The only lead provider that gives smaller jobs for FREE.

Get a login & dashboard so you can track your profit.

Who Are We?

WE ONLY WORK WITH PAINTERS - House painting is our specialty. While most lead providers have several trades, we have focused our efforts on making the best referral service for painting contractors.

We've owned and operated our own painting companies for 11 years. We are partners with (the leading authority on how to start and run a painting business), and have several high-ranking websites online including:

We know what it’s like to run a painting business. We know how hard it is to get a steady stream of customers to keep busy, and the difficulty of finding and keeping good help.

What Are Painters Saying About Us?

"These are actual leads from customers that are ready to do some painting and not just window shopping. The guys at Painter Choice are really easy to work with and very personable. I really enjoy having a great relationship with this company."

Michael Ho
Five Star Painting

"My worry is always that the companies we hire to provide us leads don't do a very good job of qualifying those leads. The leads have been fantastic and Eric's follow up has been great. I highly recommend them to anyone who owns a house painting business looking to generate extra leads."

Jason Bay
Smart Home Painting

"I've got about 25-30 leads and booked about $25,000 of business and I've spent about $800 on leads. So it's been really effective and I would definitely recommend this to people."

Spencer Melfi
The Panda Painters

What’s the cost?


$35/lead - Pay-per-lead

Get a discount on your first purchase:

8 Leads for $250 ($31 per lead)

16 Leads for $450 ($28 per lead)

No Contract! - WE ONLY SUCCEED IF YOU DO. If it’s not working for you, you can cancel anytime without fee or penalty.

Questions? Request a Call

Questions about our service?

We now cover most of the U.S. - If you operate in a less populous area, you can apply for exclusive leads.

We take a lot of pride in our lead quality. We understand sending good leads will keep you with us for a long time.

We guarantee our leads are:

  • Real homeowners needing to paint
  • Screened for information accuracy

We have no contracts, so you only work with us if you're having continued success.

Sometimes a bad lead will slip through our screening process. If you get a bad lead, simply request a credit and we'll refund the following:

  • Incorrect or disconnected number
  • Customer is too far/out of your area
  • Lead is unrelated to painting (ex. sign-painting)

Having worked with painting leads exclusively for 4 years now, we understand that sometimes bad leads happen. We are very reasonable with our refund process, and dedicated to sending quality customers your way.

We typically receive:

  • 50% Exterior Painting (Whole house or trim/decks)
  • 40% Interior Painting (Whole house or 2+ rooms)
  • 10% Commercial Painting (Retail stores, offices, apartments)

For example, if you bought a 10 lead package, you'd receive on average:

  • 5 Exterior Leads
  • 4 Interior Leads
  • 1 Commercial Lead

If you're not licensed for Commercial, you can choose "residential only".

We start you with a minimum of 5 leads for $175. We’ve found that most companies sell at least 1 job when they buy 5 leads or more.

After your starting lead package, you can set up billing with pay-per-lead ($35 per lead), or a discounted $30 per lead when you setup a monthly budget. For example: 5 leads per month would be $150, charged on the 1st of each month.

We refer each customer to 1-4 painting contractors. Our national matching average is 1.6, so usually each lead will go to you and only 1 other contractor. The leads rarely get matched with 4 contractors at one time.

Lower competition = more jobs for you!

Results are different from company to company. Your sales process and follow-up on the leads are a big factor in your overall success. For example, some of our companies book 5 jobs every 10 leads received. Others book 1 job every 10. It is important to call the leads quickly and to follow up repeatedly. If you do this well, you can expect to book 25% of the leads into actual work (average closing rate for our painters). Most of our companies sell at least 1 job on their first lead package.

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How to Grow Your Painting Business

Over the last 10 years, we've helped hundreds of people start their painting business and hundreds more grow or improve their business.

There is a process for how to grow your business and we've put together a video series to teach you how. Enjoy.

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