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Over 1,500 Customers Request Painting Quotes From Painter Choice Each Month.

We send them directly to your phone, instantly.

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Our contractors booked over $8.5 million from Painter Choice last year.
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How It Works

Homeowners use our website to request an estimate

They give us all of the information about their project, and their contact information

We text message and email you all of their information

You only pay when we send you a painting customer

How Much Does It Cost?

Only pay when you receive a lead

Each lead (interior, exterior, commercial) is $35

Small leads (1 room or less) are free

No start up fees, monthly fees, or any other fees

No contract

How Many Leads Do We Get Near You?

City Serviced (Leads/Month)

Albuquerque (10-15)
Atlanta (20-40)
Austin (10-20)
Baltimore (10-15)
Birmingham (10-15)
Charlotte (20-30)
Chicago (50-75)
Cincinnati (10-15)
Cleveland (20-30)
Columbus (10-20)
Fairfield (15-20)
Dallas (30-50)
Denver (20-30)
Detroit (30-40)
Ft Lauderdale (10-15)
Houston (30-50)
Jacksonville (10-20)
Kansas City (20-30)
Las Vegas (15-20)
Los Angeles (50-75)
Louisville (10-15)
Memphis (10-20)
Miami (20-30)
Milwaukee (10-15)
Minneapolis (20-30)
Nashville (10-20)
Newark (15-20)
New Orleans (10-15)
New York City (50-75)
Oklahoma City (10-20)
Orlando (20-30)
Philadelphia (20-30)
Phoenix (20-30)
Pittsburgh (10-20)
Portland (10-20)
Raleigh (10-15)
Sacramento (10-20)
Salt Lake City (10-20)
San Antonio (10-20)
San Francisco (10-20)
San Diego (10-20)
Seattle (15-30)
St Louis (10-20)
Tampa Bay (20-30)
Tucson (10-15)
Washington DC (20-30)

Will This Help My Business?

The painting companies we work with book 20-40% of the leads into actual painting jobs. We can help you add several new jobs to your schedule each month.

"These are actual leads from customers that are ready to do some painting and NOT just window shopping. The guys at Painter Choice are really easy to work with and very personable. I really enjoy having a great relationship with this company."

Michael Ho
Five Star Painting

"My worry is always that the companies we hire to provide us leads don't do a very good job of qualifying those leads. The leads have been fantastic and Eric's follow up has been great. I highly recommend them to anyone who owns a house painting business looking to generate extra leads."

Jason Bay
Smart Home Painting

"I've got about 25-30 leads and booked about $25,000 of business and I've spent about $800 on leads. So it's been really effective and I would definitely recommend this to people."

Spencer Melfi
The Panda Painters

How We Compare With
Other Lead Providers

Quality Leads: Our painters report to have higher conversions with our leads

Lesser Competition: We send the lead to 1-4 contractors, less than our competitors

Small Job Leads Are Free: Nobody else does this

No Contract: We rely on the quality of our leads to keep your business

Customer Service: Fair refunds. Easy to reach us. Personalized account manager

Who is Painter Choice?

Painter Choice was started by Eric Barstow & Chandler Zieg in 2012... Meet the owners.

Eric Barstow

Owns a national multi-million dollar painting company

Directly trained & mentored hundreds of people to start a painting company

Founder of Painting Business Pro

Host of a popular painting business instructional channel on YouTube

Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado

Chandler Zieg

Owns and operates a painting company

Started and sold a moving company

Built entire moving company using lead generators

Personally called thousands of lead provider leads

Master of lead generation

Born & raised in Littleton, CO

How to Grow Your Painting Business

Over the last 10 years, we've helped hundreds of people start their painting business and hundreds more grow or improve their business.

There is a process for how to grow your business and we've put together a video series to teach you how. Enjoy.