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House Painting Leads

Painting contractors like you sold $8.5 Million from our referrals last year.

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How It Works

Each month 25,000 Homeowners Visit Our Sites to request painting estimates for:

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting


Deck and Fence Staining

We text and email these estimate requests to your phone. You only pay when you receive a real estimate request.


Only pay when you receive a lead

Exterior/Interior Repaint Lead $35

Small Job Lead (1 Room or less) $0 (Free)

Starting Lead Packages:

5 Leads - $175

9 Leads - $280 (12% Off)

15 Leads - $450 (15% Off)

How Many Leads Do We Get Near You?

City Serviced (Leads/Month)

Albuquerque (10-15)
Atlanta (20-40)
Austin (10-20)
Baltimore (10-15)
Birmingham (10-15)
Charlotte (20-30)
Chicago (50-75)
Cincinnati (10-15)
Cleveland (20-30)
Columbus (10-20)
Fairfield (15-20)
Dallas (30-50)
Denver (20-30)
Detroit (30-40)
Ft Lauderdale (10-15)
Houston (30-50)
Jacksonville (10-20)
Kansas City (20-30)
Las Vegas (15-20)
Los Angeles (50-75)
Louisville (10-15)
Memphis (10-20)
Miami (20-30)
Milwaukee (10-15)
Minneapolis (20-30)
Nashville (10-20)
Newark (15-20)
New Orleans (10-15)
New York City (50-75)
Oklahoma City (10-20)
Orlando (20-30)
Philadelphia (20-30)
Phoenix (20-30)
Pittsburgh (10-20)
Portland (10-20)
Raleigh (10-15)
Sacramento (10-20)
Salt Lake City (10-20)
San Antonio (10-20)
San Francisco (10-20)
San Diego (10-20)
Seattle (15-30)
St Louis (10-20)
Tampa Bay (20-30)
Tucson (10-15)
Washington DC (20-30)

How to Grow Your Painting Business

Over the last 10 years, we've helped hundreds of people start their painting business and hundreds more grow or improve their business.

There is a process for how to grow your business and we've put together a video series to teach you how. Enjoy.

Questions about our service?

We now cover most of the U.S. - If you operate in a less populous area, you can apply for exclusive leads.

We take a lot of pride in our lead quality. We understand sending good leads will keep you with us for a long time.

We guarantee our leads are:

  • Real homeowners needing to paint
  • Screened for information accuracy

We have no contracts, so you only work with us if you're having continued success.

Sometimes a bad lead will slip through our screening process. If you get a bad lead, simply request a credit and we'll refund the following:

  • Incorrect or disconnected number
  • Customer is too far/out of your area
  • Lead is unrelated to painting (ex. sign-painting)

Having worked with painting leads exclusively for 4 years now, we understand that sometimes bad leads happen. We are very reasonable with our refund process, and dedicated to sending quality customers your way.

We typically receive:

  • 50% Exterior Painting (Whole house or trim/decks)
  • 40% Interior Painting (Whole house or 2+ rooms)
  • 10% Commercial Painting (Retail stores, offices, apartments)

For example, if you bought a 10 lead package, you'd receive on average:

  • 5 Exterior Leads
  • 4 Interior Leads
  • 1 Commercial Lead

If you're not licensed for Commercial, you can choose "residential only".

After you've received all your pre-paid leads, you can set up billing however you'd like. Most of our companies are set to "pay-per-lead" billing (you are only charged after being sent a valid lead) Or you can set a weekly or monthly amount of leads you'd like to receive (example "8 leads per month")
We refer each customer to 1-4 painting contractors. Feel free to ask about what other companies we have in your area!
Results are different from company to company. Your sales process and follow-up on the leads are a big factor in your overall success. For example, some of our companies book 5 jobs every 10 leads received. Others book 1 job every 10. It is important to call the leads quickly and to follow up repeatedly. If you do this well, you can expect to book 25% of the leads into actual work (average closing rate for our painters). Most of our companies sell at least 1 job on their first lead package.